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Everything from our software design to data center operations is optimized for security. We use NIST approved FIPS 140-2 encryption.

Super Easy

No need to create client accounts or shared folders. Avoid client portal frustrations. Send secure to any email address. See how.


Comply with HIPAA, GDPR, Gramm Leach Bliley (GLB) Act, IRS Pub. 4557, PCI-DSS, SOX and other security and privacy regulations by protecting client data.

Outlook Addin

Type your message and attach files as usual. Then click Secure Send. No adding special links. Usual reply and forward buttons encrypt responses to secure messages. Learn more.

Finance, Healthcare, Law, Insurance, Real Estate, Non-Profits, HR, More...
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and many more security and privacy aware businesses!


1. Sign up to get your upload page.

Sign-up and choose Pro membership (free trial, no credit card needed). Optionally, add your photo and logo to showcase your brand. Your upload page link looks like

2. Send your upload page link to clients.

Give your upload page link in your email signature, website, or when you ask for documents by email. Clients securely upload documents instead of attaching to email. The same link works for all clients.

3. Your documents auto-organize by client.

Like magic. Your files and messages are always organized! Do not waste time downloading, unzipping, saving, copying... Save office time to serve more clients.



Use Within Microsoft Outlook!

Use from your browser (any device) or directly in Microsoft Outlook from your Windows PC.

Type a message and attach files as usual. Then click Secure Send.

  Send Encyro-secured messages and files
  Read secure messages sent or uploaded to you
  Reply and forward securely
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Your bank never sends your statement over email. Because email is not secure. Business and personal transactions involve sending sensitive information, such as social security numbers, in insurance applications, loan documents, legal paperwork, or educational credentials. With Encyro, you can send messages and documents securely to any email address. Your documents are transferred encrypted, all the way from your device to the recipient's. So both you and the receiver know that confidential information stays private. Learn more about the multiple layers of security that you get with an Encyro account.

Printing, copying and mailing are real costs for any business that sends paper documents to clients. Aside from direct costs of paper, printer toners and stamps, there is a huge time cost to taking printouts, filing paperwork, and serving client requests for copies. File cabinets for paper documents also take up valuable office space. Use secure electronic documents to save on all these costs. Read more.

Avoid Printing, Mailing

(Pro members only.) Your business may be subject to compliance regulations or guidelines including HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA, PCI-DSS, IRS Publication 4557, SOX, and others. Encyro provides compliance settings to help you meet your regulatory requirements. Contact us if you need to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for HIPAA or a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) for GDPR. Read more.

(Pro members only.) Review activity on your account to catch any suspicious data access, including logins, file downloads, or changes to your settings. The ability to record and periodically review data access and account events is also required for complying with certain healthcare and financial compliance standards including HIPAA and SOX. Read more about compliance.

Audit Trails

No New Passwords
You do not need to create a new password. If you use Gmail or Facebook, you can use your existing Google or Facebook account to send and receive secure messages and attachments. And if you change your password on those accounts, the change automatically applies to your Encyro account as well. Of course, you do have the option to create a separate password too. Read more.

(Pro members only.) Your upload page helps showcase your brand. You earn customer trust by showing them you care about keeping their digital data safe. And make it convenient for them to send you documents, because with the secure upload they know instantly that the upload succeeded. No more wondering if the attachment will reach and when. Your clients do not need to create an account. Review all branding opportunities in your Encyro account.


Automatic Client Accounts
No more creating client accounts or shared folders, adding permissions, or sending special links to shared folders. You simply send messages and files to your client's email. All accounts, permissions, folders are automtically created for you. No more running after clients to have them sign up. You continue to send them documents the same way regardless of whether they sign up or not. Learn how Encyro makes security easy for you.

Need to send some documents quickly? You can access your Encyro account on any Internet enabled mobile device. As long as you had previously sent or received the document you need to send now, you can do it easily from your mobile device. No need to download the document to your device. Or take a picture to scan a document and send securely. Read more.

Mobile Access

Don't see the attachment? Avoid the frustration of email delays, dropped or forgotten attachments. Once someone sends a file or message to you, it is instantly available in your account. You also receive an email notification regarding new messages and uploads. Learn why Encyro is even easier than email attachments.

Your documents stay organized by contact person and time. No more searching across multiple email threads to find the right attachment. No more downloading and copying files to client or project folders. Save time and reduce clutter. Stay organized with ease.

Stay Organized

Multi-location Backup
We save your data at multiple data centers separated by hundreds of miles within the United States. To keep it safe in case of a natural disaster in one part of the country. We keep multiple copies within each data center for extra reliability. So even if your computer is unavailable, you can get your files from any other computer. You do not have to ask the other party to re-send anything or loose ground in a negotiation. Read more.

Neither you, nor your message recipient or sender, need to install any security software or encryption keys. We will not ask you to configure your device for encryption or buy a special hard disk. Everything is automatically taken care by our system.

We use multiple keys for extra security. Temporary encryption keys are used to send and receive files while different keys are used to encrypt data for storage at our servers. If someone steals encryption keys used to send files to their computer, they only get the temporary keys that cannot be used anywhere else. Read more.


Outlook Addin
Send secure messages without leaving the Microsoft Outlook desktop application. Type your message and add attachments as usual - no special links to insert. Read secure messages sent or uploaded to you within Outlook (Pro members only). The usual reply, reply-all, and forward buttons in Outlook automatically work secure on encrypted messages. Learn more and download for FREE.

Membership Options

  • Send files and messages securely to any email address
  • Receive from Encyro users
  • Microsoft Outlook Addin
  • Mobile access, forward securely without download
  • Auto-organized files
  • Multi-location backup
  • Easy setup: Auto-managed encryption keys
  • Enhanced security: Multi-key encryption
(14 day Trial: FREE)
  • Send files and messages securely to any email address
  • Receive from Encyro users
  • Receive from anyone (get upload page)
  • Custom branding on your upload page
  • Comply with HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA, IRS Pub. 4557, and more
  • Audit Trails
  • Change Message Expiry Duration
  • Add additional users ($7.99/mo*)
  • Track When Recipients View Message, Download Files
  • Microsoft Outlook Addin
  • Mobile access, forward securely without download
  • Auto-organized files
  • Multi-location backup
  • Easy setup: Auto-managed encryption keys
  • Enhanced security: Multi-key encryption
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*Price details: $9.99/month when paid annually, and $14.99/month paid monthly. Additional Users: $7.99/month per user when paid annually, and $11.99/month per user paid monthly.

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