Encrypted Email and Attachments Made Easy

Encyro provides an easy-to-use email encryption and secure file sharing service that you may access from any web browser, or from Outlook.

  • Stay secure and compliant
  • Clients can send or receive without signup
  • Free electronic signatures (more...)

Encyro is securing messages for

Finance, Healthcare, Law, Insurance, Real Estate, Non-Profits, HR, and more...

Cleveland State Bank, CresCom Bank, Liberty Tax, Washtenaw County, Hands Across The Water, Religious Coalition, FOrestering Futures, On The Road Lending, Planters Bank, MasterPay USA, Frandsen Bank & Trust, AccuTax
Why Experts Use Encyro
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Super Easy Security

Get 16 layers of security. No need to create client accounts or shared folders. Avoid client portal frustrations. Send secure to any email address. See how.

Free Electronic Signatures

Request electronic signatures with free tamper verification, finger drawing without touch-screens, encryption, and access control. Get options for text access code for IRS Form 8879 compliance. Read more.


Helps you keep client data secure to comply with HIPAA, GDPR, Gramm Leach Bliley (GLB) Act, IRS Pub. 4557, PCI-DSS, SOX and other security and privacy regulations.

Showcase Your Brand

Your upload page shows your logo and colors. Earn customer trust by showing them you care for their data. Review all branding opportunities in your Encyro account.

Outlook Addin, Gmail Addon

Send and receive secure messages and files without leaving your preferred email application.

Mobile Access

Access your Encyro account on any Internet-enabled mobile device. Forward shared files to others without downloading to the mobile device. Or take a picture to scan a document and send securely. Read more.

Avoid Printing, Mailing

Stop wasting valuable time taking printouts, preparing envelopes, and serving client requests for copies. Save filing cabinet space in your office. Read more.

Automatic Client Accounts

No need to create client accounts, set permissions, or send special links. Send secure using the client’s email address. All accounts, permissions, folders are automatically created for you. Learn how Encyro makes security easy for you.

Stay Organized

Your documents stay organized by contact person and time. No more searching across multiple email threads to find the right attachment. No need to download and copy files to client or project folders. Stay organized with ease.

Audit Trails

Review account activity to catch suspicious data access, including logins, file downloads, or changes to your settings. Activity logging also helps comply with certain healthcare and financial compliance standards including HIPAA and SOX. Read more about compliance.

Grow Your Team

Add employees and partners to let them share securely with clients too. Retain data when employees leave. Apply uniform branding and compliance. Learn more.

Ample Storage Space

Unlimited storage to save all your shared client files (excludes videos). Storage use is monitored only to prevent abusive usage.

Multi-location Encrypted Backup

We back up your data at multiple data centers separated by hundreds of miles within the United States, for extra reliability in case of major disasters. Even if your computer is unavailable, you can get your files from any other computer. Read more.

Track Delivery

View or get notified when your recipients receive your message and download attached files.


No need to install any security software or encryption keys. Everything is automatically taken care. Standards-compliant encryption algorithms and keys, that evolve with technology progress. Read more.

  • J L Adamsson, Adamsson & Associates for Life, Accident, and Health Insurance
    Our chief consideration was usability. With Encyro, the setup seemed easy from the start, which to me seemed like a good sign. I think the upload page looks very professional. It makes a nicer first impression. ~J L Adamsson, Adamsson & Associates for Life, Accident, and Health Insurance
  • Harvey Perle, North Central Insurance Agency
    I shopped the marketplace for affordable and reliable Encrypted Email Services. Other brands were quick to present me with very costly options, without listening to what my needs were. But, I discovered that Encyro is significantly [more] affordable. The plan itself is intuitive, and I was able to use it the day I signed up. I also appreciate that my clients can easily click on a link to send me an encrypted message. As an added bonus, with Encyro I can easily set up documents to be sent for Electronic Signatures by my clients. ~Harvey Perle, North Central Insurance Agency
  • Digital LinCS
    We wanted an encrypted email system that would not require the recipient to create an account to access the content. And Encyro is affordable, easy to use, and allowed us to customize the landing page with our branding. ~Digital LinCS
  • Infiniti Benefits
    We were looking for Hippa compliant secure email. We selected Encyro for its ease of use and the ability to not have to create passwords to open. And I like the layout with picture. ~Infiniti Benefits
  • Jim Lambert, CTFCC
    [Our chief concern was] HIPAA. With Encyro, price for individual was the best. ~Jim Lambert, CTFCC
  • Evelyn Chow, DecodeHR, Asia
    [Encyro] has helped me to be able to send out confidential information securely. I am able to send very large files easily and quickly. Easy to use. Easy to set up. ~Evelyn Chow, DecodeHR, Asia

Expert Evaluations

Watch Quick Video Demonstrations

How to Send a Secure Message (with Files)

How to Send a Secure Message (with Files)

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How recipients open your encrypted message

How recipients open your encrypted message

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How your clients send you encrypted messages (without an Encyro account)

How your clients send you encrypted messages (without an Encyro account)

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What Our Users Say

Reviews collected by independent third party, G2.

I Love Encyro!

I love the easy to use a secure system. I know it works, and I know I can rely on it to get what I need to my clients. The easy pricing system helps keeps things simple. The customized upload page is great. My clients don't even have to create an account to upload. They can just go to my page and upload straight from there. They can even take a picture straight from my upload page with their phone to send me their tax documents. I especially love the new E-Sign feature. Yehuda T Tax Preparer & Personal Finance Coach Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

Been using for 2 tax seasons

It is very easy to use, especially from a smart phone. My clients love using it. User in Financial Services

Great Experience, Not Leaving Anytime Soon

I came to Encyro after having difficulty with a much larger company and service. I had clients were upset that they sent me things and I would receive them and the firms response was delayed. It was not a good look for the firm and clients left, which angered me with the company that I was using. Once I found out from a friend about Encryo, I did the trial and was hooked! My clients absolutely love the portal feature and I have not missed any notification from them. I love the flow of the communication in the folders. I do not have to search for what the client said last and where documents are. Myranda H. Business Services Consultant CEO at Harper Business Solutions, Inc.

Happy Encyro User!

The outlook plugin helps to speed up the process to send data to clients. Trey B Principal Consultant & Founder Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

Excellent Software

Encryo is very easy to use, simple design and not complicated at all. I like that I can customized my page with my company name and logo. Theresa A. M Broker/Owner Health, Wellness and Fitness Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

Encyro is very easy for accountants to use

I like that I don't need to create customer accounts and it provides a quick way for people to send me files securely. Steven P Owner Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

Excellent Product

Easy to use! Fast and very responsive software program. Jenni E.

Secure, Easy for Clients, All Around Awesome

Being able to Brand the secure portal as my own is huge for a small business like mine. It makes it easier to compete with the larger accounting firms. The fact that folks can access it (to send or receive) without an account makes them happy as well! Susan B. Accounting Consultant

Best Encrypted Email you will find

Easy to use, easy to install. My clients found this much easier than my previous company. Cindy L. O. Owner CLO Medical Coding and Billing, LLC


Select annual for the best price. Cancel any time to get a pro-rated refund for the unused months.

Annual Monthly


$0. 00


Send secure to any email address

Receive secure from other Encyro users

Electronic Signatures: send 5 requests/month (unlimited incoming request signing)

Mobile access, forward securely without download

Auto-organized files

Multi-location backup

Easy setup: Auto-managed encryption keys

16+ layers of security

Encyro Outlook Addin for Windows

Encyro Outlook Addin for Microsoft 365 Email (WIndows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web)

Gmail Addon


$9. 99

per month

Everything in free, and

Receive secure from anyone (get upload page)

Custom branding (your logo, colors) on your upload page, email notifications

Electronic Signatures: unlimited requests, custom branding, automatic reminders, and advanced security options

Access codes (KBA) for E-sign (for IRS Form 8879): From 16¢ per check. (First 25 free for trial)

Track when recipients view message, download files

Custom templates for secure messages, emails, e-sign requests

Comply with HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA, IRS Pub. 4557, and more

Audit Trails

Control message expiry duration

Add additional staff users for $7.99 per month

No credit card or payment needed to start trial. If using for business, select Pro (start free trial), and you can always switch back to Essential if you decide not to use the Pro features.

Additional Users: Clients/recipients are free. Only staff/partners who need a Pro account need to be added as users.

Cancellations: No commitment. Cancel any time. Get a pro-rated refund for unused months if you paid annually. You will retain access to your data through a free account after cancellation.


Non-profit organizations and educational institutions may qualify for additional discounts. Please contact us for details.

Enterprise Accounts

To purchase more than 30 users for your Encyro Pro account, Please contact us.

What products are included in the price?

All the listed Encyro features are included. Most notably:

  • Encrypted email
  • Secure file sharing
  • Electronic signatures
  • Electronic signatures with IRS KBA (credits purchased separately)
  • Email Encryption for Microsoft Outlook for any email service, for Outlook on Windows
  • Email Encryption for Microsoft 365 email service, for Outlook on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web
  • Email Encryption for Google Workspace (paid Gmail accounts), on the web and in the Gmail mobile apps on iOS, Android
  • Email Encryption for Gmail (free), on the web and in the Gmail mobile apps on iOS, Android
  • Multi-location data backup
  • HIPAA BAA signing
  • Multifactor authentication (SMS and Authenticator Apps)