Should I choose Essential or Pro membership?

    Both the Essential and Pro memberships let you send secure messages to any email address (recipients need not create Encyro accounts).

    The key advantage of a Pro membership is that you get an upload web page that your clients can use to send you secure documents without setting up any new accounts. This makes it really easy for clients to send you files or messages securely, and helps reduce the use of email for privacy sensitive data.

    You should use a Pro membership if you want to:

    • Receive from Others Without Asking Them to Signup: Get an upload page where your clients can upload secure messages or files to you, without any password hassles.
    • Use Electronic Signatures with advanced features: While free members are limited to 5 e-sign requests per month, Pro users can send unlimited e-sign requests. Also, Pro users have access to advanced e-sign features such as automated reminders and KBA (for IRS 8879 e-sign requirements). Pro members also get custom branding on e-sign request emails and signing pages.
    • Track Delivery: View or get notified when your recipients read your sent message or download the files you sent.
    • Meet Compliance Requirements: Enforce stronger security safeguards such as automatic log-off if left unattended, dis-allow receiving your message without a password, and the use of strong passwords. You also get access to audit trails of account activity, as that is often required for compliance with HIPAA, FINRA, GLBA, GDPR and other standards.
    • Showcase Your Brand: The Pro account lets you add your brand elements including a business logo, photo, and colors. These brand elements are visible to clients in the email notification sent to them regarding your secure message, and on your upload page, on the secure message page (if the client does not have an Encyro account), and on your folder in their logged-in view.
    • Templates: Pro members can save custom templates for frequently typed secure messages or notification emails. So the next time you have to send a similar email to another client, just one click on the template name will type out the entire message for you. You may also use templates to add email signatures. You can always edit the text inserted from the template before sending.
    • Grow your Organization (team): Pro users can add additional users to their account, such as employees or team-mates, to take advantage of:
      • Consistent branding (e.g. business logo, colors) across all accounts
      • Centralized compliance settings and account activity reviews
      • Control over organization data when team members leave or join
      • Delegated responsibilities (assign specific permissions to team members: e.g. make one member responsible for keeping your business logo and address up to date)
      • Unified billing
    • Control message expiry duration: Pro users can reduce or increase the default message expiry duration for secure messages sent to recipients who do not have an Encyro account. (Expiry cannot be disabled altogether to maintain data security and privacy for users without passwords.)

    If not sure, start with a Pro membership, since the Pro trial is free and does not require placing a payment instrument on file. You may later switch to an Essential membership and all your data and contacts will remain available in your Essential member account.

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