What is the price for the service?

    Can you give me pricing information? Are there discounts?

    We have a free plan, Encyro Essentials, and a paid plan, Encyro Pro. You can pay either monthly, or yearly. The yearly plan allows you to cancel anytime for a pro-rated refund and also gives a significant discount compared to the monthly price.

    The latest pricing information is available at /#pricing.

    Electronic signatures are included with Encyro Pro.

    You can always use the free trial before you start to pay. No credit card or payment is needed to start the free trial. Switch back to Essential (free) at any time if you decide not to use the Pro features.

    Additional Users: Clients/recipients are free. Only staff/partners who need a Pro account need to be added as users.

    Cancellations: No commitment. Cancel any time. You will retain access to your data through a free account after cancellation.

    Refunds: If you paid yearly, you will get a pro-rated refund for unused months upon cancellation.


    Non-profit organizations and educational institutions may qualify for additional discounts.

    We also offer discounts if purchasing more than 30 users.

    Please contact us for details on either of the above discounts.

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