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At Encyro Inc., we make it secure for businesses to take advantage of email and cloud technologies.

Email, being widespread and easily accessible on mobile devices, is very convenient for customers. However, it is not secure. Email communications are not encrypted end to end and may be stored temporarily or permanently on multiple servers and network devices owned and operated by different entities. More and more tech savvy individuals are finding it unsatisfactory to send their private documents as email attachments to their realtors, mortgage companies, insurance processors, accountants, and other professionals. Encyro services offer a secure alternative, that is easy and economical.

Philosophy: Make it easy. Automatic. It just works.

Using an Encyro account, businesses can easily collect confidential information from customers and keep it secure throughout the transaction. They do not need to set up encryption or install any security software. They also benefit from the multi-location data backup maintained by Encyro Inc. for their customer data. The automatic organization of documents and easy mobile access help save time and reduce frustration often associated with email attachments.

With Encyro, every business and professional practice can offer the same electronic data security and reliability previously limited to big banks and large organizations with dedicated IT departments.

Families also use Encyro services to communicate confidential documents with their family members away at college, on business travel or out of town on vacation.

Encyro Technology

Encyro's technology is founded on advances in cloud data security, data encryption, and distributed data storage design. We employ some of the same technology components, information handling procedures, and product design methodologies as employed by financial institutions such as banks for communicating customer data, publicly listed companies for complying with Sarbanes Oaxley regulations that govern corporate financial data confidentiality, and credit card processors for PCI compliance mandated personally identifiable information (PII) protection.

Our technology is built from the ground up for security, ease of use, and high performance. We also employ some of the latest cloud platforms and software engineering advances to offer our products at low prices.

Geo-distributed Deployment

Our geo-distributed deployment across multiple data centers in the United States has equipped us to provide a high level of reliability for customer data and high speed access from anywhere the country.

Encyro systems are engineered with continuous automated monitoring and alerts to keep our service always available. We use advanced software telemetry to continually improve our service performance and customer experience.

Encyro History

Encyro Inc. was founded in 2012 by ex-Microsoft and cloud service experts. As cloud technologies and use of electronic communications was growing, there was an immediate need for businesses to take full advantage of the new advances while keeping their customers safe. Encyro pioneered easy to use and practical approaches to security that provide the security benefits without slowing down business transactions.

Our first product was custom built for the medical transcription industry, providing a mobile application, PC software and cloud service for making it easy to handle HIPAA compliant data. As the usefulness of our approach became readily apparent to our early customers, we started to grow to other industries. We also learned from our customers' experience and continued to refine our product to make it extremely easy to use. We eliminated the need to install any security software on your devices and scaled our design to reduce per user costs. Today, we offer encrypted communication and secure document management that you and your customers can use at a fraction of the cost of existing alternatives.

Encyro's founding team brought expertise in building successful new products to power business growth for both large and small businesses, solving new problems in customer relationship management (CRM), customer success management (CSM), and quantitative analysis of customer sentiment. Their ethos has continued to be in empowering businesses earn customer trust, delight customers, and accelerate growth.

Our engineering team as formidable expertise in both security technologies and developing large scale cloud services. Team members boast of advanced graduate degrees from top US universities, dozens of patents in cloud and security technologies, as well as decades of experience in engineering advanced distributed computer systems.

With deep expertise in cloud technology and commitment to continually delight customers, Encyro Inc. offers a rock solid data security platform that your business can rely on.

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