Review of Encyro

Encyro lets you share files securely with any client using their email address, without first creating a portal account, a shared folder with permissions, or other invitation/setup tasks. It lets you both send and receive files from an unlimited number of clients. Encyro’s claim to fame is its ease of use both for you and your clients.

Encyro also auto-organizes your files into client folders. Encyro provides encrypted backup of all your shared files and messages at two or more distant data centers, to offer you rock solid data reliability.

Encyro offers several compliance features including access control, data integrity, configurable message expiry, audit trails, and organization-wide compliance settings. These settings let you comply with HIPAA, Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA), FINRA regulations, SEC, IRS Pub 4557 guidelines, and several mandatory standards.

Healthcare professionals, accounting and financial services, law firms, insurance firms, real estate and escrow services, benefits and HR processing, IT service providers, creatives and freelancers.

Encyro’s fully automated setup makes it especially attractive for solo practices and small firms with 2 to 20 staff members.

Features and Strengths

  • Advanced Security Features: Encyro uses US National Institute of Standards and technology (NIST) approved encryption algorithms for both data transmission and storage, meeting or exceeding FIPS 140-2 encryption standard. Data is backed up encrypted at multiple US data centers. The product design and organizational security management provide 16 layers of security, protecting the network, server infrastructure, software design and changes. Encyro Inc follows strict organizational security practices including background checks for all staff and fraud verification with US Office of the Inspector General.
  • Outlook Integration: Besides using Encyro from their website, you can also send and receive secure messages and files directly from Microsoft Outlook. One-time purchased Outlook and the Outlook version installed through Office 365 are both supported.
  • Mobile Friendly: The Encyro website is designed to be used from both desktop and mobile devices. On smartphones, the website automatically offers mobile-friendly features such as taking a photo of a signed document to attach directly to your secure message. This can be handy to request photos of insurance cards, voided checks or signed forms from clients.
  • Login with your Gmail account: Encyro is probably the only secure file sharing and messaging tool that lets you sign in using your Google or Facebook account. As a result, you need not remember an additional password if you choose to sign in using one of those accounts.
  • Custom Branding: Encyro allows you to add your logo, photo, colors, and other business information that is shown on Encyro pages visited by your clients such as when sending you a secure message.
  • Team/Organization Accounts: You can add staff members or partners at your practice as additional users to your account. All such users can then use Encyro to communicate securely with clients. All the users receive your firm’s branding and compliance settings as well, making your account easy to manage.
  • Detailed Documentation and Support: Encyro provides a fully searchable support knowledge base and friendly customer support to help you quickly resolve any issues you face using your account.


Encyro offers one of the lowest prices among its competitors, at just $9.99/month, with unlimited clients. The price includes all features, including custom branding and compliance settings, unlike other products where additional features often require add-on pricing.

Encyro offers a 20% discount for each additional staff member purchased as a user with unified branding and compliance settings.

Client accounts are free and there is no limit on the number of clients you can serve.

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