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10 MAY 2020 | Benefits

Receive Securely From Anyone

Receive Securely From Anyone

If they email you, you are at risk. If your clients or other contacts email you sensitive documents, they put you at risk too. Sensitive documents sitting in your inbox increase your risk of data breach.

Just sending your communications securely is not enough. You need to receive securely too.

The reality is that if sending the message or attachment securely is difficult, people will fall back to email. So you need to provide an easy method for them to send you messages or electronic documents securely.

For everyone: The Encyro upload page (available with an Encyro Pro account) makes it easy for anyone to send you secure messages or files.

They need not create an Encyro account.

In fact, even if they have an Encyro account, they need not login. For example, your client might take a picture of a document on their smartphone at a remote location where they do not have time to enter their password. The upload page allows sending the secure document to you without any login step.

Easy: Your upload page is a simple web-link. No special link for each contact is needed. So you can simply place your link on your website, in your email signature and in your email, text or other message where you ask someone to send you some electronic or scanned documents. All that they have to do is click that link and upload the files or message. No password, no account sign up.

On your side, the received documents stay organized by contact.

An added benefit is that your upload page showcases your business branding if you choose to. You can provide a business logo and photo to display. You can chose from multiple professional designs, and even have the upload page automatically matched to your business logo colors. Check out what upload pages look like here.

You can try out a demo upload page to see how easy it is to use. You can choose a different design if you prefer for your own upload page.

And get your own today, with a free trial account. No credit card or payment required.