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12 MAY 2020

Choose Your Upload Page Design

Choose Your Upload Page Design

Your upload page showcases your brand to your clients. Encyro makes it easy to customize it with your logo, photo (head shot, office photo, or another picture to showcase your service), and of course your name, business name and contact information.

And now you can also choose the design of your upload page from a set of professionally designed templates.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): If you have a logo image uploaded for your upload page, you can also choose from a set of AI generated designs that automatically match the colors in your logo. Thats taking Encyro’s philosophy to make it easy to a whole new level!

Your upload page address does not change if you change the design. You can mention the upload page address on your website or in your email signature and all your clients can continue using it as before, regardless of whether they have signed up for their own account or not. And files or messages received will continue to stay organized by contact.

If you have not yet set up your upload page, start a trial for the Pro membership by clicking here.

The Designs

The previous design continues to remain available and is selected for you by default unless you change to one of the new designs.

Most designs look best when you have both a logo image and photo but do look great even without a logo or photo. All the new designs are mobile friendly, just like the previous one.

Let’s take a look at some of the new designs:

The design shown below is called elegant. It uses a subtle color and highlights your photo. Its a very modern looking design and presents a professional image to your clients. Your logo appears in the top left, where most people are accustomed to seeing it. If you do not provide a personal name, your business name automatically takes its place.


The pictures below show three more of the available designs. Each design highlights your business name and branding. Notice that your photo need not always be a head shot and could be a landscape style photo (more wide than tall) as well. Most of the designs adjust automatically to the shape of the photo but you should always preview your design before finalizing it. The Preview button allows you to see how your selected design will look without changing your actual upload page.

bold focus impact

A few of the new designs also include a background photo, for those of you who prefer a fancier look! The picture below shows one of such designs.


AI Designs

While some client portals allow you to brand your portal page with your name and logo, we do not know any that changes the whole design to match your branding. That is what the new artificial intelligence (AI) based design themes do. If you have a business logo image, then you will see options to choose from many AI designs. Each of these designs adjust the colors to match your logo.

The picture below shows one of these designs. Notice how the dominant color from the logo (top left) is used in the upload page itself.


No Logo or Photo?

What happens if you do not (yet) have a photo or logo? The designs still work and do not show a missing image box. Rather, they may automatically use the business name in place of your logo. When a photo is missing, most designs ignore it and just behave as if the photo was never needed.

Below is an example of a design where the photo is missing. A viewer will not notice anything missing.


And here is one with the logo missing. The business name with a generic business icon is used instead, automatically.


Easy for Clients

Remember to place your upload page link in your email signature or on your website. That way, clients do not have to search for that one email that had the client portal address, or a link to the shared folder you had to create for them. Your upload page works for both existing clients and new clients.

No Upload Page?

If you do not yet have an upload page, simply get a free trial for the Pro membership by clicking here.

If you used up your entire trial previously and now have an Essentials membership, you can still check out the new designs - simply contact us to request a discount code for an additional 7 day trial. These complimentary trials are only available for a limited time following the release of the new design features.