Do I need a Pro account for each employee?

    You only need Encyro Pro accounts for employees who need to use Encyro to communicate securely using Encyro.

    If you only needed Encyro Pro to receive securely using the Encyro upload page (receive from external users without asking them to create an Encyro account), you may be able to use just one Encyro Pro account assigned to one of the employees or partners, and the other employees could use Encyro Essentials (free) memberships.

    However, if you need control over your organization’s data, branding, and compliance needs, then using an Encyro Pro account for each employee is useful. When you add staff or team accounts to you Encyro Pro membership, you get several advantages:

    1. If an employee leaves, you can still retain their Encyro messages and files. The leaving employee will no longer be able to access the data they sent/received while in your organization. (If the employee had their own standalone Encyro Essentials account, they keep their account and data.)
    2. You may access an employee’s data whenever needed, such as if the employee is on vacation, or for quality reviews.
    3. You can apply consistent branding across all accounts, so your customers see a common business name, colors, business logo and other brand elements in messages from all employees.
    4. You can enforce uniform compliance settings. You (or designated administrators within your organization) can get access to audit logs for all accounts and review organization wide account activity. Audit logs and reviews are required as part of most compliance standards including HIPAA, FINRA, IRS 4557, GDPR, NIST 800-171, and others.
    5. You can control permissions for your employees. For instance, you could delegate the responsibility to manage your brand settings to one employee and billing to another. You can also create separation of responsibility to make malicious acts more difficult.
    6. You get both an organization level upload page (that you can assign multiple receivers for) and separate upload pages for each employee. So clients assigned to an employee could directly send secure messages and files to that employee.
    7. You get a discount on each added account.

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