I only need to send (not receive) secure messages, do I need Pro?

    I will be sending patient medical records or client files but not receiving anything from them. Do I need Encyro Pro?

    If you do not need Encyro Pro to create your upload page (you do not need to receive securely from others who do not have an Encyro account), you could use the Encyro Essentials version. However, you should consider your compliance, branding, and organizational needs:

    1. Compliance:
      1. Most compliance standards such as HIPAA, FINRA, NIST, and GDPR and others require enforcing certain data security safeguards such as strong passwords and automatic log-outs. These are available with Encyro Pro.
      2. Most compliance standards require audit controls to review account activity and data access activity. Audit logs are available with Encyro pro.
      3. BAAs and DPAs: Two of the compliance standards, HIPAA and GDPR, require you to enter into a written agreement with any third parties that store data for you. HIPAA regulations require the Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and the GDPR requires the Data Processing Agreement (DPA). These are offered with the Encyro Pro membership.
    2. Track Message and File Delivery: Encyro Pro members can track delivery of their secure messages and view status updates such as if and when a recipient views your secure message or downloads files. Email notifications of these events are also available for Pro members.
    3. Encyro Pro members can change the message expiry duration for messages when accessed by recipients without passwords.
    4. If you will be using Encyro accounts for multiple staff members at your organization, you can take advantage of Encyro organizational accounts to ensure that common compliance, branding and billing can be used across all staff accounts. An organizational account also helps control access to your organization data as previous employees leave or new employees join. An Encyro Pro membership lets you create an organization level account.
    5. Branding: Encyro Pro allows you additional branding. Your business logo or photo is shown to users who access your secure messages without creating an Encyro account and with an Encyro account. The Encyro Pro account is required to upload your business logo and photo.

    Even if you decide to use the Encyro Essentials (free) membership, rest assured that you will benefit from high quality encryption for your messages and files, encrypted backups, encrypted remote backups at distant data centers, multi-key encryption, automatically organized files, and mobile friendly usage, including the ability to take pictures from the phone and send directly from the Encyro website on your phone.

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