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Accounting firms and practicing CPAs receive sensitive information from clients including tax identification numbers, social security numbers, and bank or credit card account numbers. They also receive sensitive business income and transaction data that must be protected.

Clients find it convenient to use email to send data to their CPAs, often on an ongoing basis. Email is fast and economical. But it is not secure. Banks do not even send the monthly statement over email. Rather they send a notification by email, and the customer must log in to the bank’s website to securely obtain their statement.


You can join CPAs and accounting firms in keeping themselves and their customers safe by signing up!

Developing a sophisticated secure access system for your practice website is not only very expensive but also difficult for customers to use. With Encyro, you get a security solution that is extremely inexpensive for you and super-easy for your customers to use. We have built the useful features that customers appreciate such as mobile access, multi-location data backup, and automatic file organization, that both you and your customers benefit from without you having to reinvent the wheel over again for your practice.

How Can You Use It?

When you sign up for an Encyro account, you receive an upload page, like, all set up for you. You may add your photo and business logo to grow your brand. Your customers can confidently upload confidential information here, and all those documents stay nicely organized by the client for you.


The document on Generally Accepted Privacy Principles prepared by the AICPA provides useful procedures for practicing accountants to keep their client data private.

The AICPA offers additional resources for enhancing your firm’s data privacy and security at

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