Credentialing Services

Janet runs a licensing assistance service to help healthcare professionals such as physicians, dentists, psychologists, physician assistants, nurses, and occupational therapists stay in compliance with state regulation. Recently, she has also started serving clinics and medical practices get their physicians credentialed with insurance companies.

As part of her service, Janet collects professional credentials, licensing applications, and information for several state required forms from each applicant she is working with. These forms include social security numbers, educational details and exam scores, date of birth, addresses, all names used and myriad other personal information that is extremely important to protect. License applicants and even clinics prefer to use email over other alternatives to send her the required documents and records.


Janet’s secure handling of clients’ valued documents helps her stand out from other providers and presents a highly professional image to her clients.

The good news is that Janet has earned a great deal of customer trust, based on her thorough service and careful management of their documents. She uses her Encyro account to collect documents securely from her clients as well as send out prepared paperwork for signatures to them.

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