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Customers not only appreciate the security, but also like it that uploads are delivered instantly…

Carol has actively practiced as a real estate professional for the last 8 years. She represents both buyers and sellers. Buyers, even those who prefer to do most of the contract paperwork using paper signatures, often send her the pre-approval letter by email, since the banks make it available electronically on their website. Sellers also send her documents by email, including home inspection reports, title checks, and other disclosures.

Her clients prefer to use email rather than fax the documents or wait until the next meeting. These documents contain sensitive information regarding her clients’ purchasing power, asset details, worth, and other personal details.

But Email is Not Secure

The bank never sends the monthly statement by email. Rather, they send a notification, and the actual statement is accessed via a secure website. Carol realizes that email is not secure. Having sensitive data sitting in email attachments is not only risking her clients’ identity but also increasing her business liability. Identity theft growth is documented by the Insurance Information Institute, and the number of cases has continued to increase in almost every state in the US.

Carol’s Simple Solution

With Encyro, Carol can now send and receive data securely, without any complex encryption setup. She includes her upload webpage address in her emails asking for documents and in her email signature.

Convenience: Customers not only appreciate the security, but also like it that uploads are delivered instantly, without worrying about email attachments getting dropped or filtered. And Carol does not have to ask her customers to resend that forgotten attachment.

Documents are transmitted encrypted and secured, as well as saved encrypted in her Encyro account.

Her clients do NOT need an Encyro account, though a free (forever) account with secure storage and the ability to send documents to anyone is available. Some of her clients use this account to access documents on their mobile devices, organize their documents, and conveniently resend to other parties such as escrow agents and mortgage brokers when needed.

How Carol Saves Time

At her office, rather than spending time organizing email attachments into client folders, she simply accesses the documents in her Encyro account where they are automatically organized by client. Clicking a document opens it and selecting multiple documents allows downloading a zip. However, she hardly ever needs to download the documents since she can send the required documents to others simply from her Encyro account and they are always sent securely.

Backup: Encyro stores all documents, encrypted, at two different data centers in the US, hundreds of miles apart, with 3 copies at each data center, effectively creating 6 copies, to safeguard against hard disk failures, server breakdowns, and even a large calamity that renders a data center inoperable. Even if Carol’s computer breaks down, she will not have to pester her clients to resend anything since she can simply access her Encyro account from a different computer.

How Can You Use It?

You can join other real estate professionals who have a secure and efficient electronic document handling system, simply by signing up.

When you sign up for an Encyro account, you receive an upload page with a web address like You may customize your name and business name to reflect your brand. You may also add your photo and business logo on this page to showcase your brand.

The upload page allows you to receive documents securely. Additionally, you can also send documents securely to any email address, from your Encyro account. The recipient is not required to create an account. They simply click a link in your message to get the document. The document is downloaded over an encrypted channel.


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