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Many lenders permitted applicants to send personal and financial information, such as W-2 forms and tax returns, over unencrypted email. But not Kevin.

Kevin holds an NMLS/SAFE license in the state of California and has been practicing as a mortgage broker for over 5 years. His firm primarily serves his local area and he has gained significant expertise in the types of applications common to his area of service. Customers often prefer his service over the big banks because of his expertise in helping them select the right loan programs and lenders.

Unlike the big banks his firm does not have a dedicated IT department and cannot afford sophisticated web development. However, that does not prevent him for offering his customers a secure and trustworthy system for managing their loan documents.

He uses his Encyro Pro membership, and provides his upload page address to all his clients to upload their loan documents. As the documents get auto-organized by client, it is then easy for him to forward the right documents to the selected lenders for each client. And when one of those underwriters ask for the same document over again, he can quickly send it, even from his mobile device, without searching through his client’s email threads. To keep the closing progress on track without pestering his clients.

Having a secure and organized document management system for his clients’ email attachments has helped him save significant office work time, that was earlier spent on downloading, saving and organizing email attachments.

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When you sign up for an Encyro account, you receive an upload page,, all setup for you. You may add your photo and business logo to grow your brand. Your customers can confidently upload confidential information here. And all those documents stay nicely organized by client for you.

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