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25 FEBRUARY 2021

Experts Award Encyro Once Again

Experts Award Encyro Once Again

Once again, Encyro was honored with noteworthy awards by software experts for its user-friendly and innovative design. You too can benefit from our hard work.

Encyro won awards and honors from both FinancesOnline, based on expert evaluations, and from G2, based on user engagement, social media mentions, and other automated data that their system collects. The key awards won by Encyro in the recent round of evaluations were:

  • Experts Choice 2020 Award

  • Great User Experience 2020 Award

  • High Performer Winter 2020 Award

Finances Online Awards

FinancesOnline, an independent external business software review organization, has awarded the Expert’s Choice Award for 2020 and the Great User Experience Award for 2020 to Encyro.

To evaluate Encyro, FinancesOnline’s team of software experts examined and compared Encyro against other email encryption software in various scenarios. The multi-dimensional evaluation considered key software design, usability, security, and efficiency metrics:

  • Ease of use to send files securely to a new or past recipients
  • Ease of use for the recipients to open the secure message and download received files
  • Ease of use to send electronic signature requests
  • Configuration and automation options available for electronic signature requests
  • Security features and configurations available to suit your workflows in both file sharing and e-signatures
  • Compliance with regulatory standards, and the use of approved encryption, data integrity, and backup technologies
  • Custom branding features that preserve the look and feel of your brand when communicating through the secure platform
  • Team and staff management features

The 2020 awards from FinancesOnline are a great addition to our user’s direct feedback. All awards may be verified on the FinancesOnline website.

G2 Awards

G2 is an independent software review platform that lets verified users submit product reviews based on usage and engagement. G2 also collects automated data from social network mentions and other Internet data sources.

As a review platform, G2 obtains extensive data about user engagement with multiple similar products within the product categories that Encyro is listed under. G2 can use this data to determine the relative popularity of Encyro compared to its competitors. Combining this data with users’ direct review ratings, G2 awarded the High Performer for Winter 2020 award to Encyro. Additionally, based on the user feedback and engagement data, G2 also honored with the Users Love Us badge.

All awards and honors may be verified directly on the G2 website.

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