What are the benefits of a Team/Organizational account?

    How is a team account different from separate Pro accounts for the same people?

    When you add add additional users or employees (team-mates, practice partners, staff) to your Pro account, you create an Organizational Encyro account. This has several advantages compared to creating separate Pro accounts for each of your team-mates:

    1. Data Control: The organization has access to the data for each employee (Encyro user within the organization). And employees lose access to that data whenever they are removed from the organization.
      1. If an employee leaves your organization or a partner retires, you retain access to their data. You can retain access to all client communications in their Encyro account. For instance, you could have another employee continue to serve those clients. (If the employee had their separate Pro account, they will continue to own their Pro account even after they leave your team.)
      2. If an employee is on vacation, you can still access their data if needed. For instance, another employee may respond to a client previously served by the employee on vacation.
      3. You may access any employee’s data at any time, such as to review their messages for quality control.
    2. Uniform Branding: You can easily apply consistent branding across all employee accounts. So your clients see a unified organization. Also, rather than each employee having to upload or change a business logo, type in a business name and other brand elements separately, you can enter the information just once. Any updates apply across all accounts. Saves time, reduces errors, and maintains a consistent brand.
    3. Common Compliance Settings: If you enable compliance for your organization, the settings apply to all your employees. For instance, you may use this to ensure that everyone uses a strong password, and is automatically logged out if inactive. A common admin-user can ensure the correct settings are used by all. (If each employee was using a separate Pro account, each one would have to manually setup compliance settings and they may not all be the same.)
    4. Activity Logs: You can give permissions to certain users to review account activity (audit trails) for all users within your organization. (This is not possible with separate account - each account is owned by its owner.)
    5. Discount: Adding users to your organization is cheaper than purchasing separate Encyro Pro accounts.
    6. Additional upload page: You get an organization level upload page in addition to the upload pages for each of your users. You can set who receives the uploads sent using the organizational the upload page, and multiple users could be assigned as receivers. This can be useful to add as a common upload page for your organization, say on your website, while the users’ individual upload pages are listed in their own email signatures.
    7. Uniform Billing: All accounts can be charged to the same business, with a common credit card. Selected users may be given billing permissions and other users will not get access to the business credit card. Less work than paying separate bills with separate accounts. And no need for each employee to file an expense report for their Encyro account.
    8. Permissions: Different users can be granted different permissions. For example, selected users could be allowed to update company branding. Others (or the same users) could be allowed to add and manage users. Compliance settings and billing permissions could be restricted to selected users as well.

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