How do I add my staff to my Encyro account?

    An Encyro Pro member can add additional users (employees, team-mates, practice partners, staff) at any time after purchasing their own membership.

    Once you have purchased your own membership, login and go to settings. Scroll down to Membership and click “Add Users”.


    You will be asked to select the number of users you wish to purchase. Enter the number of additional staff members you wish to add (not including yourself).


    You will be shown the price and amount due. Click Pay Now to continue.

    Next, you will be offered a button to Invite or Manage Users. Alternatively, you may return to the Settings page at any time and click on Users in the left pane, to invite and manage users.

    If you do not configure your organization at this time, your current Pro account will still continue to function as before.

    Organization Settings

    When you return to your Settings page after purchasing users, you will be asked to enter a name for your organization (business). This setting is required before you can edit or configure your organization.


    Enter your desired organization name and click Submit. You will now see additional settings options on your Settings page.

    Invite Your Users

    Click “Users” in the left pane or simply scroll down to the heading Users.


    You may also click “Org. Brand” to first set up the organization’s upload page. Setting an organization upload page web is not mandatory. For details on setting the web addresses, see this article.

    Scroll down to the Invite Users area. To invite a user:

    1. Enter the invitee’semail address
    2. Enter their name, and
    3. Then click Invite.

    User upload page web address (optional): Optionally, you may also set an upload page web address for the user. You may prefix the user level web address with your organization’s web address as a prefix. For example, if your organization’s web address used “abc”, you could set invitee Mary’s web address as abc-mary. You may use another pattern that suits your needs, such as using the organization name initials only as prefix, or no pattern at all. See this article for details.

    If you do not set the user level upload page web address at the time of sending the invitation, you may set it at any time later, either before or after the user has accepted their invitation.

    Permissions (optional): You may also assign specific permissions to the invited user. If you do not assign any permissions at the time of invitation, you may assign them later at any time.

    See this article for details on permissions.

    Number of outstanding invitations: At a given time, you can have only as many outstanding invitations as the number of user licenses you purchased. The number of available invitations to send out is displayed near the top of the Organization Settings page.

    • If an invitee rejects an invitation, then you may invite someone else using that user license.
    • If you sent an invitation to a wrong email address by mistake, you can revoke the invitation. The invitation then becomes available to send to someone else.

    Once a user accepts your invitation (by clicking the link in the invitation email that they receive), they will become part of your organization. They will benefit from your branding and compliance settings.

    Revoke an Invitation

    Scroll down to the Manage users portion (just below the Invite Users portion). Here you will see a list of all invitations sent out.

    1. Click the Edit button next to the person’s name whose invitation you wish to revoke.
    2. In the user details area that show up, click the “Revoke Invite” button.

    You cannot revoke an invitation if the invited user has already accepted it. You may click the “Remove user” link.

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