Who receives secure messages sent using the organization upload page?

    Besides an upload page for each user, an organizational Encyro account (created when a Pro member adds additional users) also gets an organization level upload page. You can configure which user or users receive messages when an upload is submitted using that upload page.

    On the Settings page, click “Users” or scroll down to heading “Users.” You must have Administrator permissions for this.


    Scroll down to Manage Users.

    1. Click on the user you wish to edit, or click Edit next to that user.
    2. In the user details area that shows up, click the toggle switch next to Receive uploads sent to organization upload page. If the toggle switch is ON, then this user will be included in the set of recipients who receive any uploads sent via your organization level upload page.

    The switch above will be disabled (and locked to the ON position), if this is the only user remaining in the set of users receiving organization level uploads. In this case, if you wish to remove this user from the set, first turn on “Receive uploads…” for another user and then return to this user to turn off.

    The switch above will be disabled (and locked to the OFF position) if the user has not yet accepted your invitation. This is to prevent your organization’s messages being delivered to that user before they have confirmed they are a part of your organization.

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