Accept an Invitation to Join an Organization

    An invited user receives an email informing them that they have been invited. They must click a link in the invitation email to accept that invitation.

    After accepting the invitation, they will have the option to create their Encyro password. If the invited user already has an Encyro account (Essentials or Pro), then they will not need to create a password.

    A password can also be created at a later time by following the forgot password link on the login page.

    Before accepting the invitation, please be aware that your organization (and its designated users with administrator and data manger permissions) will have significant control over your Encyro account, including access to your activity logs and also your Encyro messages sent and received after the time you accept the invitation (any older messages are not available to the organization).

    You may reject the invitation if you believe you have received it in error.

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