How can I change the expiry duration for message access links that do not require a password?

    How do I extend the expiry duration for secure messages I send? How do I increase the number of days to expiry?

    Messages sent to recipients who do not have an Encyro account (those who access the message from their email link without a password) are set to expire in a few days.

    Encyro Pro members can change (increase or decrease) the expiration time as follows:

    1. Go to the Settings page and click on “Compliance” in the left panel (or on a mobile device, scroll down to “Compliance”). If you have an organizational account, click on “Compliance, Data Security” in the left panel (you need “Can set compliance” or data manager permissions for this.)
    2. Make sure that the toggle switch next to “Allow others to receive messages from me or my organization without a password” is ON. Just below “Number of days”, set the desired number of days for which the message access link will remain valid.

    Encyro Essential Members: If you are using the Essential membership, first go to the Membership section under settings and Start Free Trial to obtain a Pro membership.

    Disable Message Expiration: Expiration cannot be disabled. If a recipient wants to maintain access to their message or files beyond the expiry time, they should create an Encyro password (free).

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