How Will My Contacts Receive My Secure Message?

    How will my clients receive my secure messages?

    This short video shows how clients receive a secure message that you sent to their email address.

    When you send a secure message to a contact or a client, they will get an email with a link that takes them to your secure message. The email content depends on whether the recipient has an Encyro account or not.

    If the recipient does not have an Encyro Account:

    • The email above assumes that the sender has a Pro account and so the sender’s business logo is shown. If the sender is using an Encyro Essentials account, the sender’s custom logo is not used (rather, the Encyro logo appears in the email sent to the recipient).

    The email shows two options: “Access and Let Expire” and “Set Password and Access”.

    • If the sender used the Encyro Outlook Addin, then the email will have only one link “Access Now” which will behave the same as “Access and Let Expire.”

    Option 1: Access and Let Expire

    Here the recipient may click the gray button (Access and Let Expire) to quickly access your message without creating any accounts. They will see your secure message and files on a page like this:


    (The page that displays the secure message has the sender’s branding including business logo and colors if the sender has a Pro account. Otherwise default Encyro branding is used.)

    Option 2: Set Password and Access

    However, the above message will expire in a few days as noted in the email above. If the recipient wants to maintain continued access to the message, they could click the other button (Set Password and Access) in the email. In this case, they will be asked to enter a new password (and automatically get a free Encyro account):


    Their email is already filled in for convenience: all that your recipient needs to do is type in a new password.

    When they click “Continue”, they will be taken to their secure message.

    If the recipient already has an Encyro Account:

    They will receive an email with just one option, “Access Now”:


    When they click on “Access Now” they will be taken to their Encyro account page with the secure message displayed.

    We also recommend adding to your contacts or safe sender list in your email account, to ensure that our email arrives in your inbox instead of spam or junk folders.

    If you want to provide instructions to your recipients about how to receive your secure message, and add your branding to the instructions, see this article: Instructions for my Contacts to Receive My Secure Messages.

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