Can I set up individual accounts so that customers can only view their documents?

    Yes, each client will only see their own documents.

    Even though your upload page is the same, that is only used to send documents to you. That page does not let clients see any previously sent documents.

    To see previously sent or received documents:

    For Client: A client must create an Encyro password to see any documents other than the one you recently sent. A client can create their Encyro password by themselves (you need not set them up). The option to create a password is offered:

    • when you send any message or documents to the client (both in the email and on the secure message display page)
    • directly on the Encyro website (client may register for a free account at any time)

    Your Side: You can always access all documents and messages sent or received from each client in your own Encyro account (regardless of whether the client signed up for an account or not). Each clients messages and files are placed in a separate folder for your convenience.

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