How do I use my upload page?

    Your upload page lets you securely receive messages and files from others who do not have an Encyro account. Your upload page has an address like Anyone can visit that page to send you a secure message, with or without files. (“Yourbusinessname” is to be replaced with your actual path name you select at your upload page settings.)

    A big advantage of the upload page compared to getting an encrypted email address is that you can share it with your contacts and receive securely. If you publish your encrypted email address on your business card, your clients cannot actually use it to send you a secure message (unless they have their own encrypted email account with the same provider). With an Encyro upload page, anyone can send you secure messages or files.

    You could use your upload page address in multiple ways:

    • On Client Forms or Paperwork: Print it on your patient intake or client intake forms, such as “Submit completed form to:”. Your client could take a picture of the completed form with their phone and upload it from their phone (see how). Your upload page is very mobile friendly.
    • In Email Signatures: Include your upload page in your email signature so your clients have it readily available should their response to your message require sending anything sensitive. See how to edit your email signature.
    • In Emails: If asking for something sensitive, you could include the upload page address in your email itself, such as “Please send me a copy of your voided check. To keep your financial data secure, upload the check image at”
    • On Your Website: You could link to your upload page from your website, with a link named “Secure file upload”, “secure message”, “submit paperwork” or similar term that makes sense for your scenario.
    • In Print: Print it on your business cards, letterheads, or other promotional literature. (See example.)

    To set up your upload page, the minimum you need to do is select an address (typically something that reflects your brand) and add your name or business name. For instructions, see: Receive Securely from Others Without an Encyro Account.

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