Organization and User Upload Page Web Addresses

    When you create an organization (add one or more users to your Pro account), you get an additional upload page for the organization, besides an upload page for yourself and each of the users within your organization. For example, if you are a Pro member, and add two additional staff members, then you will have a total of 4 upload pages: 3 user upload pages (1 for yourself, 1 each for your staff members) and 1 organization level upload page.

    It is up to you to use all or only some of the upload pages available to your organization.

    Decide Addresses for Organization and Users

    Organization Uploads: If you will be using the organization level upload page, we recommend that you set the web address for it first. For instance, you could set the upload page address for it to be based on your business name.

    User Uploads: For the user level upload pages, we recommend you use an address that uses the organization level address or organization initials as the prefix. The organization level upload page address will be automatically pre-filled in the user level upload page address entry to suggest you to use that. You may delete or change that prefix if desired.

    For example, if the business name is Alice Bob and Charlie LLC, then the organization level upload page address may be set as

    For the user Mary within the organization, you could use an upload page address similar to or or some other address such as (e.g. if Mary take care of the Sales Department within your organization).

    Set or Change Upload Page Web Addresses

    Organization Upload Page Web Address

    You must have Administrator or Brand Manager permissions for this (the initial Pro member who creates the organization has all permissions by default).

    On the Settings page:

    1. Click “Org Brand” in the left panel (or, if on a mobile device, scroll down to heading “Organization Brand and Upload Page”).
    2. Look under heading Upload Page Address. In the address entry box, type the web address you want.
    3. Click “Check and Create.”

    If you had already used the desired name previously for the initial Pro user account, that is OK. Setting the same name for the organization will cause that address to be used for your organization upload page. The upload page address will continue to work for your clients - they will see the organization upload page when they visit it. Your brand settings such as your business logo and design theme will be automatically carried over (you may change it if desired).

    See also: Who Receives Organization Level Uploads.

    User Level Upload Pages

    You must have Administrator permissions for this (the initial Pro member who creates the organization has all permissions by default).

    1. On the Settings page, click “Users” (or, on a mobile device, scroll down to heading “Users”).
    2. Scroll down to heading Manage Users. Next to the user entry you wish to assign an upload page address, click “Edit” or click on that user’s name or email.
    3. In the user area that shows up, find the user’s current (or blank) upload page address. Enter the desired address in the address entry box. If a prefix based on your organization level upload page web address is filled in for you, feel free to use it to delete it.
    4. Click Update User URL

    All upload pages within the organization benefit from uniform organizational branding.

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