Access another user's data within your organization

    A user with data manager permissions (“Can set compliance…” permission) can access the data (secure messages and files), for any user within the organization. This may be useful when an employee is on vacation, has left the organization, or for regular quality reviews of employee communications.

    To access another user’s data (if you are a data manager):

    1. Go to your account Settings in your Encyro account.
    2. Click on “Compliance, Data Security” in the left pane (or, if on a mobile device, scroll down to “Organization Compliance”).
    1. Find the heading “Activity Logs and Data” and find the list of users below that.
    2. Next to the user whose audit logs you wish to review, click on the “Access Data” link.
    1. Notes regarding data access:
      1. The files associated with a message will be available for you to download. The secure message text as well as any associated introductory email text will be displayed.
      2. If the secure message was sent by the sender using the Encyro Outlook Addin (the secure message is in HTML format), then you will see a link with the message subject instead of the entire message. Clicking on the link will reveal the complete message in a separate browser tab.
      3. To reply or respond to the message, you would need to use your own Encyro account (you cannot impersonate another user when sending a secure message). Simply copy the emails of the recipients to whom you wish to respond to, and open your Encyro account (in a separate browser tab) to compose a secure message to them.

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