Require Recipients to Use a Password

    Can I enforce a password for my messages? Can I make it mandatory for my clients to use a password or create an account? How do I remove the option to receive without a password?

    If you do not wish to allow access to your secure messages with temporary access links sent in email notifications to your recipients, edit your compliance settings (Encyro Pro membership is required). Here is how:

    1. Go to your account Settings page. Click Compliance in the left panel (or scroll down to heading “Compliance Settings.”
    2. Turn OFF the switch next to “Allow others to receive messages from me or my organization without a password.”

    Any messages sent from now on will require the recipient to access them with a password. The first time a recipient receives your Encyro message, if they do not already have an Encyro password, they will be required to create a password (and automatically get a free Encyro account). All subsequent messages can be accessed using the same password.

    If your account is part of an organization, the above settings will only be available to organizational users with data manager permissions (“Can set compliance…” permission). The settings option to click in the left panel would be ”Compliance, Data Security.”

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