Encyro notifications end up in Mimecast Hold Queue or spam

    Mimecast can block Encyro email email notifications of secure messages, signature requests, or even password reset links, even though those emails contain no promotional content or otherwise harmful content. Please take the following steps:

    1. Report the incorrectly blocked email as a “false positive” to Mimecast using their support page: https://community.mimecast.com/s/article/Raising-a-Mimecast-Support-Case-1045768043
    2. Add encyro.com and no-reply.encyro.com as Trusted Senders in your Mimecast settings
      1. If you are an admin, add for your organization or all users: see this.
      2. If you are not an admin, add for your own account: see this.
    3. Release previously received Encyro emails from Hold Queue: see this.

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