Downloading multiple files in Chrome

    I was able to download one or more files but now I cannot download more files.

    If you are using the Chrome browser, it has a setting to block downloading multiple files from the same website. The first file will get downloaded. Another file may get downloaded if you try downloading after a long gap (such as after reviewing the first file) but if you attempt to download another file shortly after the first one, it will not download and you may not be shown any obvious error message. To continue to download files, please add and to the allowed sites for file downloads. See instructions below:

    How to Enable Multiple File Downloads in Chrome

    1. In Chrome, click the three dots near the very top right (to the right of the address bar) to open the drop-down menu and select Settings.
    2. On the Settings page, scroll down to Privacy and security.
    3. Under that heading, click on Site Settings.
    1. Scroll down to the heading Permissions. At the bottom of the permissions list, click Additional Permissions.
    2. In the expanded list, click on Automatic Downloads.
    1. In the automatic downloadssettings area:
      1. Check that you do not see “Do not allow any site to download multiple files automatically” (or an equivalent message. If you do, turn ON the switch next to that message and ensure that you see something like “Ask when a site tries to download files automatically after the first file (recommended).”
      2. Under the Allow heading, click the Add button. Add the website address and click Save. (Most files you download from Encyro are downloaded from this website.)
      3. Click the Add button again and this time, add the website address Click Save. (Certain types of files are downloaded through this website.)
    1. Also make sure that the two websites (that you added under Allow) are NOT listed under Block. If listed, click the three dots next to the entry and select the option to Remove.
    2. After following the above steps, try downloading again. If you experience any issues, kindly contact us.

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