Incoming file removed by Encyro as malware

    I tried downloading a file received via my upload page (or via a secure message), but it says “Incoming file [some name] was removed due to suspected malware. If you are certain that the file is safe, kindly contact the sender to modify the file and send again.”

    Encyro periodically scans all incoming files for suspected malware. If the file shows the above notice, then it simply means that our malware detection service found the file suspicious and replaced it with the above text.

    If you are absolutely certain that the sent file is safe, such as when you trust the sender and have confirmed with the sender that the file works fine on their computer, you should ask the sender to open the file on their computer, make some changes to it, and send again.

    Note: Encyro’s malware scanning does not prevent the need for your own malware scanning on your computer. The reason is that there is a delay (several minutes to a few hours) before Encyro scans the incoming files. If you happen to download a new incoming file before the Encyro scan has happened, you could still end up downloading a malicious file. Your computer also needs malware protection since you may be receiving files through other means (email, Google Drive, other websites etc.) and you need protection against each such incoming file.

    If using Windows, search for “Windows Security” in the search box near the Windows Start button. Then open that settings app and simply ensure that “Virus and Threat Protection” is turned on.

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