Access Audit Logs for Other Users

    A user with data manager permissions (“Can set compliance…” permission) can access activity logs for any user within the organization. This may be used for regular audits of account activity as required for certain compliance regulations, or for forensic analysis of any suspicious activity.

    To access these logs (if you are a data manager):

    1. Go to your account Settings in your Encyro account.
    2. Click on “Compliance, Data Security” in the left pane (or, if on a mobile device, scroll down to “Organization Compliance”).
    1. Find the heading Activity Logs and Data and find the list of users below that.
    2. Next to the user whose audit logs you wish to review, click on the Audit button.
      1. Audit logs, including the activity performed, device IP address and country of access will be displayed.
      2. If there are older logs available in addition to those displayed, a button “Load Older” will be available towards the end of the list of the activity logs.

    The contents of the activity logs are explained in this article.

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