How do I see my account Audit Trails (Activity Logs)?

    My compliance standard requires me to review audit trails or activity logs. Where can I find my Encyro account activity logs? What will see in my audit trails?

    Audit trails help you review your account activity to detect suspicious account access, such as at unexpected times or from unexpected locations.

    Your audit logs will show you the following information:

    1. When? The time at which the logged activity occurred. This is displayed in the local time zone of the computer or device you are using to access the activity logs.
    2. Device: This indicates if this is the first device you have used, or a second, third, or subsequent device. The device number may change in some situations even if you use the same device such as when you use a new browser, re-install the operating system or certain browsers, use a private browsing window, or delete your browser cookies.
    3. Device Type: This indicates some information about the type of device used to access your account, such as if its a Windows or Mac device and the browser used. This can reveal if your account was being accessed from an an unexpected device.
    4. Location: The logs display the country and IP address. For privacy reasons, we do not automatically convert your IP address to fine grained location such as your street address, but in case you suspect an unexpected activity, please feel free to contact us and we can help look up a more exact location for that IP address. Please do note that IP address based location may not always be correct.
    5. Event (and notes): This indicates the activity that happened, such as a login, change of logo etc. Some events may have notes, such as when the event is that your business logo was changed, then the notes may show the file name of the image file that was uploaded.

    How To Access

    To access your audit logs, your compliance settings must be enabled (this requires a Pro membership). To view your audit logs, login to your Encyro account and

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Click “Compliance” in the left panel (on a mobile device, scroll down to “Compliance Settings”).
    3. Find the heading Audit Trails and click the “My Activity Logs” button.

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