Can I enable compliance if I login using my Google/Facebook account?

    You will be required to create an Encyro account password to enable the following compliance settings:

    • Require strong password for account login.
    • Automatically logout if inactive for more than 15 minutes.

    You will then need to use your Encyro credentials to login and the Google/Facebook logins will no longer work. (You may remove these settings and re-add the external logins again if you change your mind.)

    The reason is as follows: We cannot check if you have a strong password on your external accounts (Google, Facebook). Even though you may be using a strong password on those accounts, we have no way to check that (since we never ask you for your password on your external accounts). Also, Encyro has no control on when you change those external passwords. Therefore, you will be asked to create an Encyro account password and use that for logging in.

    Similarly, the automatic logout on Encyro will not matter if your external account is not set to automatically logout. After an automatic logout on Encyro, the new login through Google/Facebook will not ask for a password (as that account is still logged in).

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