Can I install before creating an Encyro account on the website?

    Do I need an account to install the Encyro Outlook addin? Can I use the Outlook plugin without an Encyro account?

    You may install the Encyro Outlook addin without creating an Encyro account first.

    Simply installing the addin does not create any Encyro accounts. You may have multiple email accounts added to Outlook and each will work as before.

    If you send or receive a secure Encyro message in any of your email accounts within Outlook, you will be prompted to login to Encyro with that specific email address.

    1. Existing account: If the relevant Outlook account email address is found to have an existing Encyro account (free or paid), you will be asked to enter your Encyro password.
    2. No existing account: If the Outlook address is not associated with an Encyro account, you will shown a button to sign up. The sign-up will happen in a web browser.
    3. Google/Facebook Login: If you previously logged in to Encyro using a Google or Facebook account, then at this time, the Encyro Outlook Addin does not allow logging in using that. You should go to your account Settings on the Encyro website and in the section for Account Security, add an account password.

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