How to send from Outlook

    How do I login to Encyro from Outlook? How do I send my first secure message? Are sent emails stored within Outlook?


    Detailed Instructions

    1. Make sure you have installed the Encyro Outlook-addin (instructions).
    2. Click “New Email” in Outlook or start a new email message as you usually do in Outlook.
    1. Compose your message as usual.
    2. Attach any files if required.
    3. Instead of the Outlook “Send” button, click the Encyro “Secure Send” button near the top-left of the new email window.
      1. NOTE: In case you switched away from the message tab in the new email window, such as to insert attachments, switch back to the “Message” tab to find this button.
    1. NOTE: If your Outlook ribbon is minimized, you may not see the “Secure Send” button. In this case, click the Message tab and then the pushpin toward the right:

    Now click the pushpin like icon towards the right to ensure the ribbon does not minimize again:

    1. First time login: If this is the first time you are sending (or receiving) a secure message, you will be shown a Login or Signup window.
      1. If the sender email address on the Outlook message is found to have an existing Encyro account (free or paid), you will be asked to enter your Encyro password.
      2. If the sender email address is not associated with an Encyro account, you will be asked to sign-up (the signup button will take you to a web page to sign up).
    2. Once you are logged in, the message will be sent securely and an email notification will be sent directly from your email to the recipient.
      1. NOTE: When you send a secure message using the Encyro website, the notification email to your recipients is sent from Encyro’s servers (from Encyro’s email address). When you send a secure message using the Encyro Outlook Addin, the notification email is sent from your email address.
    3. Subsequent messages: Once you login, the Encyro Outlook-addin will save a login token (not your password) in an encrypted file. This token will be used to log you in for the next few weeks. So you will not have to enter your password again for a few weeks.

    See also: receiving secure messages.

    Security note: Are sent secure messages saved to my sent emails? (Short answer: No.)

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