Are secure messages saved within Outlook?

    Will secure content end up saved in Outlook?

    Is a copy of the Secure Message stored in my sent emails folder?

    No. The secure message is not stored within Outlook. This reduces the risk of sensitive data ending up stored in your sent email folder, your email server and eventually a copy of the sent emails folder on your other devices where you access your email. For instance, your sent emails may be synchronized with your mobile device as well.

    Exception to the rule: If you start composing a message (new message, or a response to a received message) and then save it as draft before sending it, then that secure content will end up being stored within Outlook, and may also be synchronized with your email server, and other email access devices. The secure content will only be removed by Encyro when you send the message. Until then, it will remain stored. Since Encyro does not wish to delete any new content you have typed in, the Encyro Outlook addin cannot automatically remove such content until you actually send out this message.

    Are received messages, if decrypted in Outlook, saved to my Outlook inbox or other folders?

    No. The secure message is displayed but not saved. This helps prevent accidental synchronization of your sensitive data to your email server and your other email access devices that may not always be secured.

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