Do I need Encyro Pro to use the Encyro Outlook Addin?

    Is a paid Encyro account required to use the Outlook plugin? Can I use the Encyro Outlook Addin with a free Encyro account?

    The Encyro Outlook Addin works with both the Encyro Essential (free) and Encyro Pro accounts. Both types of Encyro members can send encrypted messages with secure attachments using the Encyro Outlook Addin.

    Encyro Pro members do have some extra benefits:

    1. Decrypt within Outlook: Received secure messages are automatically decrypted and displayed with any attached files to download within Outlook. Options to Reply/Reply-All/Forward are available within the addin in Outlook.
      1. Free members click an extra link to read the received message and it opens in a new browser window.
    2. Enhanced branding: When the recipient of your secure message clicks the link in their email notification to read your secure message, your logo, photo, and business name (in addition to your name) are included on the web page where the secure message is displayed (for recipients without an Encyro account) or on the secure folder (for recipients with an Encyro account). For free members, only the name may be customized (no logo or photo can be added).
    3. Receive secure messages from users without an Encyro account: Pro members get an upload page that lets your clients send you a secure message without creating an Encyro account or password. You may include your upload page link in your email signature, website, or even your business card or other literature.
    4. Encyro Pro benefits: Encyro Pro members also get all the other Encyro Pro member advantages such as customized branding, compliance settings, audit trails, the ability to change message expiry duration for recipients without a password, and the ability to add additional staff within their organization. For more details, see this article.

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