Read Received Secure Message

    Can I see my received secure messages or uploaded messages within Outlook?

    When someone sends you an Encyro message, either using your upload page, or from their own Encyro account, you receive an email notification regarding the received message. The Encyro Outlook-addin detects such Encyro message notifications and can automatically decrypt them for you.

    This works with:

    • received messages
    • received uploads
    • sent items: your own copy of a notification email associated with a sent secure message. (Note that the secure message itself is not stored within Outlook when you send but a copy of the notification email sent is stored if your Outlook settings or email server settings are setup to save a copy of sent emails to your Sent Items folder.)

    Login requirement: Messages can only be decrypted if you are logged in to Encyro from Outlook. If you are not logged in, and select a secure message notification in Outlook to read, the Encyro addin will automatically popup a window to ask you to login.

    • If you cancel the login window, the received secure message will not be decrypted.
    • If you do login, the received secure message will be decrypted if you are an Encyro Pro member.
      • For free (Encyro Essentials) members, received messages may sometimes be decrypted as a demonstration of how the automatic decryption works. At other times, a prompt to upgrade to Pro would be shown.
      • If you do not wish to upgrade to Pro, you may click the button in the secure message notification to manually access your secure message on the web.

    Email thread: If you wish to see the email noification itself (not the decrypted content), such as to view the email-intro added by the sender or other emails in the thread that contained the link to access the secure message, simply move or close the popup window displaying the secure message.


    If the secure message has files attached to it, the file names are displayed. However the files are not automatically downloaded to avoid storing sensitive data on your device without your knowledge.

    You may click the file you do wish to download and you will be prompted to select a destination file indicating where to store it.

    Alternatively, you may click the “Download All” button, offered just below the list of attachments. Clicking that will prompt you to select a destination folder for the file downloads.

    In this case, all attached files will be downloaded to that folder. If the folder already contains a file with the same name, the new file being downloaded will be automatically renamed to add a suffix, so that your original file remains unchanged but the new file also becomes available.


    Use the Reply, Reply-All, and Forward buttons shown on the decrypted message window. If you wish to reply to the raw email thread, use the default reply or forward buttons in Outlook. See more details on responding.

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