Respond: Reply, Reply-All, Forward

    How do I securely reply to a secure message? Can I forward secure files?

    Typiclly, you would use the Reply, Reply-All, and Forward buttons shown on the decrypted message window.

    Reply buttons on decrypted message

    If you wish to reply to the raw email thread, use the default reply or forward buttons in Outlook.


    The response buttons on the decrypted message popup (as opposed to Outlook’s default response buttons) are the recommended option because of the following benefits:

    1. The email-link to the old secure message will not be included in the reply - so replies will NOT be auto-decrypted to show the old message.

    2. The sensitive content from the old message will also NOT be included. This avoids creating needless copies of the sensitive content in the email thread (the recipients already read it earlier). NOTE: If you use the Forward button the sensitive content and any attachments will be included.

    3. If your Reply includes new sensitive content, use the “Secure Send” button but if the reply is not sensitive you have the choice to use the normal “Send” button. So you have control over whether the reply is encrypted or not.

    4. If the secure message had multiple recipients and you use Reply-all, the correct list of recipients will get included (if you use the default Outlook Reply-all button, the reply will only go to one recipient, not all). You can see and edit the recipient list in the new reply email created.

    Responding to, re-sending, or forwarding a secure message you previously sent: see this article.

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