Can my client reply securely to my secure message?

    If I send a secure message to someone, can they send me an encrypted response? Can my recipients send an encrypted message to me? If I send an encrypted email, can my client respond to that email so their email response in also encrypted?

    Yes! Your recipient can reply securely to your Encyro message. The option to reply is offered right next to your secure message, when displayed to your recipients:

    1. When your recipient receives an email notification regarding your secure message, they may select the option to “Set Password and Access.” If they do this, they get a free Encyro account and are logged in to their Encyro account when reading your message. They may reply securely by clicking or tapping the Reply button above the message.
    2. If your recipient reads your message without creating an Encyro password (via Access and Let Expire), then just below the message, they will see an option to Reply Now. It will ask them to enter a password (that is used to create their free Encyro account) and then automatically log them in to their free Encyro account where they can compose their reply.

    In either case, your recipient will get a free Encyro account and will not be prompted to select between a Pro or Essential account.

    Secure Reply to your Regular Email

    With your Encyro upload page, your clients can send you encrypted messages even in response to your regular (non-encrypted) email that you send from your email account without using Encyro. When asking for a sensitive document (such as financial paperwork, application form, insurance card, or voided check), you could:

    • Include your Encyro upload page address in your regular email with instructions such as “Since we wish to keep your data private, and email is not secure, please use this link to upload your <application form>: <your upload page link>“. Your client can send you a secure reply using that.
    • Include your Encyro upload page link in your email signature (see how). That way, its available to your clients whenever they wish to send you a secure message or file. Here is an example of an email signature with the upload page link:

    If you have not yet activated your upload page, see: Receive Securely from Others Without an Encyro Account.

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