Re-send or Forward a Previously Sent Message

    When you send a secure Encyro message from Outlook, the message content itself is not stored to your sent emails folder. This is to prevent sensitive data from being saved to your sent folder which is usually set to automatically synchronize with your email server and all other devices you access email on. Rather, a copy of the notification email sent to the recipients regarding your secure message is stored. Multiple notifications are stored when there are multiple recipients.

    In this case you may wish to

    • Re-send the notification: If the recipient cannot find their secure message notification, you may need to re-send the notification. When you select the notification email in the Sent Items folder, the addin will auto-decrypt it. Close the decrypted popup window and use the default Outlook Reply or Forward buttons to re-send the notification email.

    • Re-send the secure message: In the decrypted message popup, use the Forward button. (Using Reply will not include the senstive content or attachments.)

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