Received message is not decrypted but shown as record of sent notification

    Can I use alias email addresses in Outlook?

    Even though the message was sent to you, the email address may not match your email address in Outlook. For instance, the same email account could be referred to using an alias, either on the secure message or in Outlook. Aliases appear as two separate email addresses to Encyro (only the email server that created the alias knows they are the same email account). As a specific example, consider the case that your email is but you created an alias If the message is sent to one of these but the other email address is added to Outlook, automatic decryption will not work.

    In some cases the Addin may correctly infer the associated account and ask you to login with the correct account. However, in some cases, that may not work.

    In this case, either access the message on the Encyro website (click the “Access Now” button within the secure message notification email), or, add your email account with the same alias to Outlook.

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