Know When Recipient Retrieves Secure Message

    Is there a way to see when the recipient reads my secure message? Can I verify recipient received my secure email? How to get a notification that they have received and retrieved a secure message that initiated? Will I know if client downloaded the files I sent? Can I track message delivery?

    Encyro Pro members can view the status of message delivery and opt-in to get notified when a recipient views their secure message or downloads attached files.

    This feature is available on messages sent on or after April 29, 2019.

    • Delivery Status: For sent messages, you will see status text such as “sent”, “delivered” or “viewed” in the bottom right of the sent message within any message folder.
      • There is a little “refresh” icon too to update that status. The status may initially show as “sent” when you have just sent a message. A few minutes later, if you click refresh, an updated status may show up, such as “delivered”.
      • What do different status messages mean?
        • “Sent” - The secure message itself has been sent. An email notification regarding the secure message is on its way.
        • “Delivered” - The email notification regarding the secure message has been delivered to the recipient (as acknowledged by the recipient email server - the server may take some time before actually showing the email in the recipient’s inbox).
        • “Viewed” - The recipient has viewed the secure message.
    • Delivery Status Details: Clicking on the status text will show you details such as when the message was delivered and viewed, and if associated files were downloaded by the recipient. Alternatively, you may click “Track Delivery” in the drop-down menu next to the Reply button to see these details.
      • Additional details may include:
        • When the email notification regarding the secure message was viewed (this is an estimate, and not all email systems allow our system to detect if the email was viewed).
        • When and which files were downloaded.
    • Get Notified: Under your account Settings, click on “Delivery Notifications” in the left panel (o, if on a mobile device, scroll down to that heading). Here, you may opt in to receive notifications regarding when clients view your secure messages. (These notifications are not turned on by default.)
      • You may choose to get notified immediately after a recipient views your secure message. Such notifications will usually arrive within minutes after the recipient views your secure message.
      • You may also choose to group the notifications over a certain number of days, say collect all delivery notifications for the day and have them sent as a single email towards the end of your working hours.

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