How to Use Templates?

    How can I save text I use over and over?

    Encyro Pro users can save templates for secure message (text) as well as the Email Introduction (subject and body). You assign a name to the template when saving it and then that name appears as a button that you can click to type out the entire template text.

    Here is how:

    1. Compose your secure message as usual. If you think the text you typed (or a part of it) is going to be useful again, click “Save New Template” just above where you were typing.
    1. NOTE: This option will be disabled if you have already saved 20 templates. Delete a template before saving new ones.
    2. A new form will open showing you the template text. The text you typed in the message is automatically taken as the template text, but you may edit it.
      1. (Optional) Edit the template text if desired. For instance, keep only the re-usable portion of it.
      2. Enter a name for the template. This is used in the template button shown to you for using the template later. Select a name that will remind you of the template content. (Maximum 30 characters are allowed.)
      3. Click “Save New.”
    1. The process for saving a template for the email-introduction is similar. Click the “Save New Template” button near the email intro subject and text.
    2. All templates that you have created will appear as gray buttons just above the text input area. Click the template name to insert the template text.

    Edit or Delete a Template

    If you need to make a change to the template text, fix a typo, or even change its name to something more memorable, click the small downward arrow next to the template name.


    Then select “Edit Template” or “Delete Template” and you will be shown a form to edit or delete the template.


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