Where is my Address Book in Encyro? Can I search my Contacts?

    Where can I store and find my contacts to send secure messages to? How do I use my imported contacts or address book? How can I search for contacts in my account?

    You can import your contacts from other email accounts, using the instructions here: Three Ways To Import Clients.

    You can import multiple times from multiple accounts.

    Once imported, you can send messages to your contacts using one of the following options:

    1. Search: Click Compose to start a new message and in the To line (or Cc or Bcc line), start typing the name (first, last, or any portion) or email address of your contact. All contacts matching the typed letters will be shown to you and you may select from the list.
    2. Browse: Click on Contacts in the top menu when on the message page (or scroll down below your message folders). Your contacts will be listed organized alphabetically. Click on a letter to see the contacts with names starting with that letter.
      1. Compose: Click on the envelope icon near a contact, or on the contact name or email, to start composing a secure message to that contact.
      2. Additional icons near the contact allow you to edit or delete a contact as well.

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