Three Ways to Import Clients

    You can import your existing clients in three ways:

    1. If your existing clients are in Gmail, Encyro can directly connect to Gmail and extract your contacts. You will not be required to provide your Gmail password to Encyro. See: Import Contacts from Gmail Directly.
    2. You can export your contacts from your current email account and then import the exported file into Encyro. See: Import from Email Accounts or Applications.
    3. If your existing client management system, CRM software, practice management software, or other work tool lets you export your contacts to a file in comma separated values (CSV) format, you can export your contacts or clients (name and email address) to a file and then import that CSV file into Encyro. See: Import from Practice Management Software.

    You may manually add a client as well: see how to add a contact.

    Also, do note that importing contacts is optional. You do not need to import clients or perform any client setup if you do not wish to. Simply type in an email address on the send-message page to securely communicate with a new or existing client.

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