Add a Contact/Client

    You may add a contact without sending a message. This makes it easier to send a message later, and also shows the client’s name on the folder if you later receive a secure message or upload from them.

    To add a contact, login to your Encyro account and:

    1. Click on Contacts in the top menu.
    1. Click “Add Contact.”
    1. In the form that opens, add the email address and a nickname for the contact. The nickname that you enter is only for you to view and search and is not shown on the sent messages to that contact.
    2. Click “Add Contact.”

    The contact will show up in search results when you start composing a new message and type a portion of the contact’s name or email.

    You may:

    • Click the contact to send them a message.
    • Right click (Ctrl-click on a Mac, long-tap on a mobile touch screen) the contact to edit or delete.

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