Export and Import Contacts: Android

    Google’s instructions to export your contacts from your Android device are available here.

    In short, the steps are:

    1. On your Android phone go to the Contacts app (or People app), or select the “Contacts” tab in the Phone app.
    2. Tap the menu button in the app. On some Android devices it may be the device menu button while on others it may be accessed by clicking the overflow menu icon with three dots within the app).
    3. Click Settings or Import/Export.
    4. Choose the Export option. On some devices, this may be called Export to SD card or Export to USB Storage.

    This will save your contacts to a VCF file (named something like 0001.vcf) on the SD card or on the USB storage.


    Once you have your contacts saved to a file above, on the same Android device, go to your Encyro account and import contacts from the saved file as explained here.

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