Import Contacts from Practice Management Software

    If you have your clients in your work management software, such as an electronic health record system, CRM, client management system, or similar other system, you may be able to export your contacts to a comma separated values (CSV) file from that system. If your system gives you sufficient control, choose to export only the client name and email address.

    *The instructions to export contacts can often be found using a simple web search for your system’s name and added words “export” or “export contacts.” For instance if your system is called Xero, you could search for “Xero export contacts” and the results would lead you to Export Contacts out of Xero.

    Check First Line

    Once exported, open the file (using Notepad or any other text or CSV editor) to check that the file has a first line that shows the names of the columns, such as Name and Email Address. If such a first line is missing, add a first line that names the columns, using the names from the following values:

    • Email
    • Email Address
    • Name
    • Display Name
    • First Name
    • Given Name
    • First
    • Middle
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
    • Family Name
    • Surname
    • Title
    • Prefix
    • Suffix

    If you have values not well-described by the above headings, you can give them any name, such as Address1, Something2, and so on (do not use a comma inside of your name, rather use commas to separate multiple values).

    If you need assistance with this step, simply contact us.

    Example 1

    For example, if your exported file had lines (rows) with values such as:

    John Smith,

    Then, you should ensure that the first line in the file is:

    Name, Email

    Example 2

    If you see that the lines in your exported file are like:


    Note that more than one comma appears in some places. Each such comma indicates a field in the line and some fields are empty. The number of headings in the first line should match the number of values (including empty values) in the remaining lines.

    For this example, create a first line that looks like:

    First Name,Middle Name,Last Name, Something, Email Address

    Again, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

    NOTE: Please make sure that your CSV file has at least 3 lines with contact information. If importing less than 3 contacts, simply use the “Add Contact” option.


    Once you have your contacts saved to a file above, import contacts from file as explained here.

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