Delete From Client Account

    How can I delete a message or file I previously sent to a contact? Can I revoke or rescind a sent message? How to recall a file uploaded earlier?

    You may delete items from your account but not from someone else’s account.

    • If the recipient does not have an Encyro account, their access will expire in a few days.
    • If the recipient has an Encyro account, they own their copy of the data. Only the account owner may delete data from an account.
      • The recipient may also have downloaded the data or forwarded it to another recipient.


    This design has the benefits that:

    1. If some other user’s account is compromised (e.g., their password is stolen), they cannot delete your data, even if they were the ones who originally sent you that data.
    2. If your own account is ever compromised, or if your computer is infected with malware (ransomware) that uses your logged-in session to delete files or messages in your account, then your contacts’ or clients’ files are not at risk.

    If youaccidentally sent the wrong file, please inform the contact that they should ignore or delete it.

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