Will Encyro give a new encrypted email address?

    I want to place my encrypted email address on my business card (instead of my regular email address). Can I create an Encyro email address to use on my business card?

    You cannot place an encrypted email address (either from Encyro or from any other encrypted email provider) on your business card, on your forms to submit to, or on other business literature.

    The reason is that if someone sends you a message from their non-encrypted email, be it free email (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook.com or other web mail) or their work email, to your encrypted email then that message will usually not be secure.

    Instead, you can place your Encyro upload page address on your business card, on paperwork with instructions such as “Submit this to …”, or on your business literature where you wish to showcase that you keep your clients’ data secure. The upload page feature is not commonly available with other encrypted email providers.

    For more details, see How Do I Use My Upload Page.

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