How much storage space do I get?

    What is the maximum storage available on the server for my account?

    Encyro’s philosophy is to make it easy for you to use secure communications for your business or personal needs. We do not want to burden you with tracking storage space use, inbox size limits, maximum number of clients or the like. That is why we do not show it. Our recommendation is: do not worry about it.

    Internally in our systems, we have allocated sufficient storage to meet reasonable business use needs, such as to share scanned documents, files, and messages. You will not run into this limit unless you start using Encyro to share home videos or such very large files.

    If you must know, the space allocated is 5 GB for your encrypted data (total 30 GB with backups).

    We maintain 3 copies of your encrypted data within each data center. Your encrypted data is stored on at least two data centers, hundreds of miles apart. So 5GB * 2 data centers * 3 copies within each data center = 30GB. The space allocations will be increased change as technology evolves (such as when larger files become more common in business use).


    If you do run into a storage space limit, your account will continue to work - we will contact you regarding storage space use and offer you options to clean out some storage or purchase additional storage (at some of the lowest prices in the industry).

    All Encyro accounts are subject to review for abusive usage per the Terms of Service.

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